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Ski Swag Wars: The Attitash Grocery Bag vs Sunshine Sunnies

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A few weeks ago I made a call for swag and you guys delivered. I’ve got a stack of koozies, stickers, and other gear that I’ll be featuring, two at a time, on the blog. Hopefully, with my super-scientific analysis, we’ll spark some ideas for sweet swag to line-up for next season. If you missed the first few battles, check it them out round 1 here, round 2 here and round 3 here.

The Criteria
I’m going to judge the swag on four areas and give a score for each to determine a winner:

  • Cool – would I actually want to use it?
  • Useful – is it something I could use on a regular basis?
  • Branding – do I know it’s tied to a certain resort?
  • Unique – how common is this sort of swag?

With a score of 1-10 on each, we’ll end up with a score out of 40. Onward.

Contestant #1 – Attitash / Wildcat
The Black Grocery Bag

It may not look like much, but this bag sends a solid message especially with many skiers taking an environmentally sensitive point of view on the world.

  • Cool: 8 – Why is a bag cool? Because you don’t have to waste 3 plastic bags at the store.
  • Useful: 10 – I have, along with many others, been using reusable grocery bags for a few years and love them.
  • Branding: 8 – Two logos and a value proposition prominently displayed.
  • Unique: 9 – This is the first, resort-branded reusable bag I’ve ever seen but I doubt it will be the last.
  • TOTAL: 35

Contestant #2 – Sunshine Village
“Sunnies” Sun Glasses

Some snazzy sunglasses that help me save my retinas for later in life and make me feel the strange need to ride a single speed bike and skinny jeans.

  • Cool: 9 – I think these are pretty cool. Not sure how this style of sunglasses made a comeback, but they did.
  • Useful: 9 – Shields your eyes from the sun’s rays which, last time I checked, shine more often than then don’t.
  • Branding: 6 – They are glasses, so there’s only so much real estate, but one logo on one side is hard for most people to notice.
  • Unique: 7 – I’ve seen resort sunglasses around and I probably have other glasses. Unfortunately, I can only wear one pair at a time.
  • TOTAL: 31

Winner: Attitash/Wildcat
Sunshine sent it some cool swag, so they’ll have more chances to win a round, but this week the nod goes to the Attitash/Wildcat for their bag. True, it’s not the coolest looking piece of swag, but I love how it is not only useful but matches the ski industry brand. Skiers are aware of their environment. A shopping bag may not make you look like a hipster, but it tells the checker, the bagger, and anyone else at the store that sees that your brand cares about Mother Earth. It’s a piece of swag I never would have thought of, but the more I think about it the more I like it.

Want your resort’s swag included in the next round? Either email a picture to me at or, if you have some to share, mail those goodies to:

Gregg Blanchard
506 Crazy Horse Circle
Edwards, CO 81632

  • Sofia – WinterStays

    Great idea, it would be awesome if more ski resorts started using more environmentally friendly products to promote their ski resorts.

  • lakelouiselowdown

    Love this idea for a blog series Gregg. We dug something out from our winter store room and sent it today. Was going to send a pic but then we thought… Hey, Gregg deserves some swag!

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