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Digging in to some of the Ikon Pass’s 2024 ad lineup.

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Why not dig in to Epic Pass too? Well, there’s not a whole lot out there to discuss. The only thing I’ve been targeted with is this video.

On the flip side, Ikon is hitting me from a lot of different angles. And that word – me – is important. I am one person in one market. This isn’t a comprehensive review, but it is what I am seeing first hand as a guy in Utah who is likely to be targeted by this stuff.

So, Ikon

These passes have used YouTube heavily in the past and that’s a place I spend a little bit of time, that’s where we’ll start.

One thing new this year I haven’t seen in years past is the use of the ad block instead of just the preroll. For example, here’s the ad I was served up a couple weeks ago.

screenshot of ikon pass ad on youtube

Right from the beginning we’ll see that the blue is of course there from the snow and sky (and logo), but they’re added classic yellow in there as well. The motif this time around is more of a mark left by a paint brush which I really like. The randomness allows them to put it anywhere and add that yellow into virtually any photo/design.

For example, Peter from Lift Blog saw this one during his travels.

photo of an ikon pass ad in an airport hallway

So, that’s the motif. Now let’s see what happens when we click on that YouTube ad.

In this case, we’re served up a 0:15 second spot that brings in that same yellow line with some of the other messages we’ve already seen:

  • 50+ Unique Destinations
  • Destination: Good Times

I’ve also been served this ad separately as a pre-roll. This one ad is definitely one they’ve been putting a lot of budget on, so far it’s been viewed over 1.7 million times.

There’s also a 30 second version.

But it’s not the only ad concept. There’s a variation with the same “Destination: Good Times” tagline but with a really unique claymation-style video. This specific edit is designed around renewal discounts, but as we’ll see in a second the claymation video is pulled from a larger campaign.

For example, here’s the full 30 second spot with this footage.

And this campaign was also used in their kickoff social posts that were shared by each Ikon resort.

There’s also a really short but cool behind the scenes of that ad campaign that I recent saw on LinkedIn.

Ikon has consistently found ways to bring unique styles of content and stories into their annual pass campaigns and this year is no exception. I love what they’ve done with those videos.

That’s what I’m seeing and, honestly, I’m really liking this year’s lineup. The creative is fun, upbeat, playful, and perfectly on brand. They’ve woven traditional elements – like the classic pass scanning sound – with new styles – like claymation – to develop an arsenal of campaigns that set a really high bar for season pass marketing.

if anyone has any other examples of Ikon or Epic ads you’re seeing out there, send me a link or a picture and I’ll add it below.

After I published I remembered another campaign that Peter from Lift Blog came across. I love how they still have their classic yellow paired with the blue thanks to the color of the gate nubmer.

photo of ikon pass ad in an airport

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