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Ski…er…”hit” it if you can?

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There are three parts to this story that I think are really clever. Really simple.

The first is the sign.

The Sign
On the center field fence at the Couple’s Club Little League Field is a sign. Here’s what it looks like:

A play on Mad River Glen’s famous “Ski it if you can” tagline, the campaign alone is awesome. Simple, fun, not just a logo and a URL, it’s an brilliant way to make the most of this 3’x6′ piece of marketing.

Now you know I love me some consistency and longevity, and that’s where this story gets even better.

The Timeline
Because this sign hasn’t been hanging in the Couple’s Club outfield for a month or two or even a year.

It’s been up there for nearly 20 years.

Perhaps because this feat turned out much harder than folks thought, the reward is available for anyone who hits the sign ORhits a home run directly over it.

In two decades this sign has been watching the dandelions grow, MRG has only handed out a single pass when a little leaguer named Drew Platt nailed it a decade ago.

The Response
So a small bit of marketing with a very rare reward; what should you do when it actually happens? Well, make good on your promise and put that kid’s name up in lights as the one who finally did it again.

Like this blog post:

And thisa:

A hand-delivered pass by MRG’s Marketing Director, Eric Friedman, and lots of kudos to him on the channels his friends, family, and teammates will see? Awesome.

The kid gets stoked, the community loves it, and everybody wins.

Well played, MRG.

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  • Eric Friedman

    Thanks for the kind words – just doing the little things over time. We are not big believers in marketing “silver bullets”.


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