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This is Exactly the Perspective I Believe Resort Marketing Videos (and Messages) Need to Take

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Two years ago a series was produced by SKITHEEAST that, the moment I saw it, make a buttload (technical marketing term) of sense.

It’s called “Working for the Weekend”, and it’s back in 2015 for another round of episodes. Here’s the first:

The Premise
Here’s the story.

Ben, a successful lawyer, works hard all week as he gazes out his office window at a distant mountain range and the escape those peaks offer from his 9-hour-a-day job.

When Friday comes, he packs up his gear in search of snow.

The Value
The value in this lies in how relevant his story is to the huge group of non-core skiers that live in a resorts database.

Like Ben, they don’t ski every day, they work every day. Only when they answer that last email on Friday are they finally free to do what they truly love.

As an industry, however, we’ve been very guilty of only glamorizing the pros and the locals. Consider this tweak.

Three Markets, Three Families
What if this summer you scoured your database for one loyal family from each of your three major markets. They would not only be loyal, but highly representative of the city/area they are from.

Then, during the 2015/16 season, you recorded their stories and relationships with the mountains. The soccer games, the busy school week, mom and dad working hard at the office, but all in the context of the anticipation of visiting your resort (like Park City did in this awesome vid).

You show them doing the day-to-day stuff, but then eagerly packing their bags, you show them driving, their first excited glimpse of the mountain, the amazing time skiing, the reminiscent drive home, the anticipation of the next trip.

Can’t Relate
A local “living the dream” may represent a fun story, but to the vast majority of families who ski at your mountain, that’s not reality. Their minds can only live vicariously through that narrative for so long before it becomes laughably far away.

And why? Because soccer practice, 9-5 work days, carpools, mortgages…that’s their reality. It’s why the video above gets comments like this:


But if you can show how your resort fits perfectly into that kind of lifestyle, suddenly their imagination isn’t so wild. It’s actually within reach.

After all, if that family from Dallas in the video can do it, why not theirs?

  • Hugh Reynolds

    Greg – These are awesome! Particularly the Park City piece which gets to the core emotional reasons why families ski and is relate able to anyone who has skied and is now a parent. For almost a decade, me and my group friends lived the life of Ben the lawyer, leaving he cities each Friday evening and heading to the mountains to truly live. Now as a parent of a 21 month old son, I can’t wait to share those experiences with him and as a family. Great, powerful, emotional, resort marketing… I’m only jealous I didn’t think of it myself.

    • I hear ya, as the parent of a 21 month old daughter I’m feeling the same thing and find myself relating to (and enjoying) marketing like this more than ever.

      • Hugh Reynolds

        I’ll look for you and your girl out on the slopes. Thanks for sharing as always.

    • Dave Gibson

      I really agree Hugh – the Park City nails it especially.

  • Gravnetic

    Awesome Gregg, the segment before last in the heavy powder looked like it had a blown ACL written all over it. I preferred the East video because it was so darn authentic. The audio oozes authenticity and hides behind high production values making it an unique style to be sure.

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