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Putting skiers’ names up in lights.

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Sunlight’s new Sunny 700 lift ticket (a $700 lift ticket that comes with a pair of skis marketed as “the most expensive lift ticket in the country”) is brilliant for a lot of reasons. Their execution on the idea was also incredibly savvy.

But now one simple follow up to this whole concept has me as excited as the idea itself.

Because at least some of the time someone buys one of these passes, this happens:

Just like you and me, these two skiers are humans.

Humans that love to feel lots of things, but among the most universal is the feeling of importance. Of significance.

And that’s exactly what this does. I’ve often called this the “name up in light” concept. Where when you reciprocate the love and use your reach to put a guest on a pedestal…

…they have a funny way of noticing, appreciating, and sharing that mention.

In one simple act of gratitude the resort’s relationship with the skier (and their friends and family) are strengthened.

When people do something you appreciate, sometimes the most savvy marketing move you can make is to publicly tell them thank you.

Great work, Sunlight.

  • Thanks Gregg! Both Randy and Bruce (pictured) just walked right in my office, handed me their credit card, and said let’s make it happen. Bruce actually bought two Sunny 700s, one for himself and one for his wife. That’s one heck of a friendly jesture early in the morning. Naturally we wanted to share the news and photos. Sales have exceeded expectations, our local fans are pumped, so much fun! Let me know when your ready to join the club!

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