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Facebook Top 25 Update – Oct 2010

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Good heavens, these fan counts are getting high. Mammoth and Whistler/Blackcomb pass 40,000, Snowhoe’s count increases by 33% over last month, and Sunday River let me know I was missing them and they popped in at #10. Here’s the full recap of the changes in this month’s Top 25 Ski Resorts on Facebook list:

Interesting Notes:

  • Combined, the Top 25 gained 35,816 fans
  • Combined, the Top 5 gained 14,883 of those
  • No resort in the Top 25 lost fans
  • The average growth was 8.7% for the Top 25


  • Snowshoe (+9)
  • Jackson Hole (+2)
  • Aspen Snowmass (+1)
  • Loveland (+1)
  • Sunday River (missing before this month)
  • Beaver Creek (-1)
  • Keystone (-1)
  • Jay Peak (-1)
  • Okemo (-1)
  • Massanutten (-1)
  • Holiday Valley (-1)
  • Sierra at Tahoe (-1)
  • Northstar at Tahoe (-2)
  • Alta (-2)

The 10% club (resorts that grew by more than 10% over last month):

  • Snowshoe (33.85%)
  • Loveland (15.00%)
  • Breckenridge (16.28%)
  • Vail (14.02%)
  • Jackson Hole (13.73%)
  • Mammoth (11.92%)

  • Scott Taylor

    Looks like Stevens Pass Resort in Washington should probably be added to your list. They currently have 10,418 followers. What's interesting about them as well is that although they call themselves a Resort, the closest lodging is something like 37 miles away in Leavenworth, WA. You won't find a trendy franchise (Starbucks…) up there at the ski resort and the drive to get their from Tacoma or Seattle can often be difficult due to the traffic and conditions. They have limited parking and sometime have to turn people away because it fills up, but they still have a very large and loyal following. I have only been there in the off-season for a work related purpose, but it was beautiful and the skiing looks amazing. It is definitely a place I hope to ski soon. To top it off the folks up there that run the place are amazing. They are truly passionate about their work and you can see this in their Social Media (primarily Facebook). I live in Colorado, but follow Stevens Pass on Facebook. I also check their website frequently for their Video's of the day. Chris, Nate, and Lauren (the Marketing team) do a great job of doing a daily video. They are done so well that it keeps you checking back to see what's new and after a while you start to feel like you know these guys. I think this is another reason they have such a good following. Cindy and Pam (Guest Relations managers) answer every email, good and bad to make sure that their guests know that they are listening. Again a cool place run really well by a great group of people. and


    ps. follow via RSS and love what your doing. Keep it up.

    • SlopeFillers – Gregg

      Wow, Scott, been a long time since I’ve received a comment with that much information. Thanks for 1) catching another resort I am missing from the list, and 2) passing along so much info. I’ll have to get it touch with their marketing team and maybe do a quick interview with them about they resorts, style, and tactics. Sounds like they must be doing something right ;)

      What is your affiliation with the resort that gives you such keen insider knowledge? Thanks again!

  • Interesting stuff, though it may be helpful to push towards rankings based on fan engagement as opposed to raw fan numbers. Since sites can now pad fan numbers substantially with "bought" unqualified fans, the engagement level would show truer success, as engagement improves news feed optimization much more so than absolute numbers of fans.

    • SlopeFillers – Gregg

      Great point, Evan. And I have been working on a way to measure that. However, without the "insight" data into each resorts fan page engagement I'm having trouble coming up with a realistic way to track that. Any ideas? Or any new services that are setup to track that sort of data?

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