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Season Passes
The awesome addition to Wild Mountain’s season pass package.

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I’ve got to start with a bit congrats to Wild Mountain for being one of the first resorts in the country to open (again). I love that we now have players in almost every region of the country who are chasing the title.

Wild is one I’ve talked a lot about over the last few years. They’ve done a fantastic job of upgrading with ingenuity instead of investment, sharing beautiful photos of the hidden parts of the mountain, and truly embracing who they are.

They’ve also started sending me more examples of their work along the way. One of which just came in the mail.

Season Pass Unboxing

My inner YouTuber has always wanted to do an unboxing and I suppose this is the best chance I’ll have, so here goes.

This season pass mailer starts with a glossy, branded envelope.

envelope front

On the back is a hat tip to the anticipation we feel waiting for packages like these. Inside, another envelope holds the goodies.

envelope back

Inside is another reference to anticipation with the pass held on the top right corner.

peeking inside

But you may notice that the bottom part of the envelope is a series of flaps. Open those up and you’ll see some fun goodies like a classic logo sticker, a sticker sheet with the parody logos they’ve been having fun with lately, and an air freshener.

everything opened

You may also have noticed these on the right side of that pciture. And honestly, this is my favorite part. Because like other resorts, Wild Mountain passes come with perks at other ski areas. Here’s the line on their website:

“Get next winter’s lowest rates, plus most Season Pass holders receive 2 free tickets to Spirit Mountain and 2 free tickets to Powder Ridge!”

The difference is that they actually give you the tickets (well, vouchers) in your season pass package.

free tickets

They even have fine print and redemption instructions on the back.

fine print

Of all the pass perks I’ve ever received, I’ve used only a small fraction for one of two reasons:

  • I didn’t know they existed
  • I forget they existed during the season

And the reason behind these reasons? Usually these perks are shown in a long list of text or a bulleted list on a resort’s website. A place that’s easy to skim over, easy to miss, and easy to forget.

Wild solved this by simply putting the perks in the package.

Such a simple, smart move.

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