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My favorite tagline of the year? That’d be Wild Mountain.

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A few years back I wrote a quickly little post entitled, “Wild Mountain goes old school with a low-cost lift upgrade.

The gist was that instead of replacing the old with new by tearing down their fixed-grip quad and replacing it with something of the high-speed variety, the refurbished the chair with beautiful stained-wood slats and a fresh, classic paint job.

In other words, they made something feel new by taking the appearance into the past rather than the present.

They complimented that vibe with barn quilts on lift shacks and other small, but clever updates that extended that idea and tied the nostalgia of skiing with the history of the area into upgrades that were a clever combination of easy, affordable, and meaningful.

This year, they’ve rolled out a new tagline. A new motto, you could say.

It builds on and clarifies this value beautifully and continues to carve out this idea that you can enhance the skiing experience and build your brand without always trying to keep up with the Joneses.

“Same Old Brand New” – with a nice barn quilt tied in – is simple, it’s clever, and it’s the sign of a ski area that is creatively embracing who they are instead of constantly trying to be something they’re not.

Great job, Wild Mountain team.

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