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Play the Strengths: What Resorts’ Favorite Social Sites Rock At

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As I covered on Wednesday last week, it’s critical to remember that social media sites are a tool, not a magic wand. Like a chainsaw, no matter who uses it, that sucker is going to slice through something. Put it in the hands of a professional and you’ll end up with an intricate sculpture in ice or wood. Put it in my hands and you might as well start dialing 911 now.

So, with so many social networks out there, I think it’s important to identify what the strengths and weaknesses are of each tool. A hammer is great and driving nails but not so good at sanding a bench while sandpaper is the last thing I’d use to tighten a bolt or saw a 2×4. A good coach or craftsman knows the strengths of what he has to work with and plays to those strengths.

One by one, let’s look at 5 strenghts of few social networks. Agree? Disagree? Have something to add? Let me know in the comments section or on Twitter and I’ll update this post with your ideas.

Twitter is great for one on one communication with fans, friends, or other brands even if they aren’t following you.
Great for multiple, short posts each day or live-updates of events.
Over 500,000,000 users.
Hashtags create large, viral discussions around specific trends and topics.
Easy to use API.
Hub for many other social networks (Shawn Alain – see comments)

Largest number of users of any social network – nearing 1,000,000,000
Algorithm makes it efficient at reaching fans that interact the most with your brand.
Multiple admins and mobile app for page management
Multiple advertising options built into the platform and system.
Facebook Connect for website log in and guest/user data capture.

Most users, even if they’re just stopping by, already have a Google account
Positive side effects on search results
Unique features like video streaming and hangouts
Over 170,000,000 users
Circle-based following to better segment interests and content

Highly visual layout with focused actions – repin, like, or comment
Frictionless sharing of content
Rapidly growing user count – 12,000,000+
Focused content types around food, style, and DIY
Good for reaching female social media users

Great for rewarding loyalty
Tips allow user generated testimonials and tips for improving the experience
Geolocation enhances relevancy because users are at your resort
Over 20,000,000 users
Mobile-based with active users

Super-easy content creation
Integrated auto-sharing to Twitter and Facebook that isn’t hated like other auto-posts
Built-in network allows additional followers for increased chance content will be seen
Mobile-based for easy sharing while at your resort
Now on both iPhone and Android with over 40,000,000 total users

Any others popular networks you’d add to the list?

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