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The Big Idea: Vail tells their side of the Epic Pass story.

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Every marketing message is about telling your side of a story. Maybe it’s a story nobody has seen or heard, maybe it’s one that’s misunderstood, or perhaps it’s one you want to reinforce again and again.

Nearly a million people have an Epic Pass. Countless more have seen their marketing enough to recognize and recall the brand. The story behind this pass is one that’s been told in bits and pieces by insiders like Rob Katz and outsiders like me.

But for the first time, they’ve put it all together in a narrative that’s a perfect fit for podcasting.

This isn’t journalist, it’s marketing.

It’s their side of the story, but it’s incredibly well-told and is surprisingly willing to admit things I haven’t seen them admit before.

One thing stood out to me as I listened to this on the way back from Colorado last week. That’s something I’ll discuss tomorrow. Today I’m going to leave this here for you to enjoy and ponder as you go about your Wednesday.

See you tomorrow.

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