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Snowbasin’s latest season pass pre-roll (and strategy) is awesome.

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I’ve been talking about the strategy of a set-and-forget pre-roll ad for a while now.

And as season pass season simmers down for the summer, I just wanted to highlight one I’ve been watching a little closer than others.

That being Snowbasin’s recent campaign.

Not the First
Last year, Snowbasin ran a really nice little pre-roll ad. In total, these two videos below were promoted to the tune of roughly 75,000 views.

A great message, what we didn’t know at the time was that the team at Snowbasin was already working on next year’s (you should read this whole thread, by the way, it’s got more insights than a month of my ramblings).

And here’s the result.

What about the numbers?

This video alone just ticked over 150,000 views.

But then, before long, you might get served this one as well.

Instead of trying to force one message to do everything, they’ve got one to inspire and another, simpler, more straightforward follow up to do the urgency and nitty gritty of getting folks to buy.

The Approach
I love this strategy from Michael and the gang at Snowbasin. Last year’s video combined inspiration and urgency into one message. This year, they separated those so they could inspire and inspire and inspire…

…and then drive home the less sexy stuff when the time was right.

I’ll tell ya what, having a front row seat to Snowbasin’s marketing right now is making this marketer extremely happy because they are doing some amazing stuff.

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