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Season Passes
Three things I really like about Snowbasin’s season pass pre-roll ad.

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Yesterday I talked about Snowbasin’s pre-roll ads, today I want to look at Snowbasin’s.

This fall I’ve seen at least two slight variations of a season pass promotional spot. Each is 20 seconds in length.

Once again, there are three things I’m digging with these ads.

Not Just Video
The first thing you should know is that these ads are part of a larger package of creative that has been following me around this fall and done a great job of reminding me about deadline while looking extremely sharp along the way.

But that breadth of touchpoints means nothing if there’s not a really high level of consistency between the pieces. I’ve been really impressed how the simple elements like the yellow underline, white text, blue-heavy photography, etc. have made it easy for my brain to connect all these pieces as different parts of the same thing even when the display ad shapes and sizes varied (as a bit of a crutch, sometimes I’ll try to keep my consistency between ads by just sticking to 2-3 similar sizes).

No Voiceover
I was surprised how much I liked the lack of voiceover. My default is to think that you need a baby smooth voice to narrate the ad, but this was nice proof that you can have a great looking, effective ad without it. Could it help? Maybe. But could it hurt? Definitely. Sometimes an overly dramatic or low-quality audio track hurts more than it helps.

A Few of Many
And it sounds like I’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg on this one.

Always fun as a marketer to find yourself in the market a campaign like this is targeted for. Nice work, Snowbasin team.

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