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More video + branding winners from Crotched, Squaw, Steamboat, and Jay.

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Yesterday I highlighted Mammoth’s set-it-and-forget it YouTube+branding combination. In a nutshell, I described a system where you:

“Find the one message you want to reinforce all season long, use a strong visual medium like video to get it across, and let the intrawebs do it’s thing to deliver that message over and over and over again.”

I really like this approach. It’s high value with low overhead. And, as I also mentioned, there are more and more resorts doing this.

Here are a few of my other favorites.

Titled as their TV spot, the engagement rate suggest this was used in other ways as well but it’s hard to know for sure. Either way, I love the quality of this video, the connection to their lift (the Rocket), and the moments of “remember what this feels like” (more on that in a sec) that they played really well.

Jay Peak
With 1.5mm views, this saw the biggest view count of the lot. Running in parallel with their “We’re us because you’re you” theme, it’s one of my favorite branding plays this season. People + community + personality. Solid combination.

Squaw Valley
This is one of those spots that does just as much for the industry as it does for Squaw, and I love it. A simple POV sequence sandwitched by a cue to, first, remember what it feels like and then, afterward, “Make it happen” is a really tidy, strong little package.

That video had 500k views, but another clocked in at 200k that was 30 seconds long and was equally strong.

With 500k views, it up there for one of the most viewed spots, but with a solid message and strong but non-time-sensitive offer, it’s a great combination of branding and action that can (and did) run nearly all season long.

I am really big on video right now, and all of these are such a smart, simple play within this medium.

Nice work by everyone involved.

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