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Last Tracks at Diamond Peak

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At Diamond Peak, they have some pretty remarkable views of Lake Tahoe, and also a beautiful mountaintop lodge overlooking said views.  So, when you have these two assets what do you do?  Offer sunset wine & beer tasting events to enjoy with friends & family while soaking in the beauty of Tahoe: Last Tracks at Diamond Peak

From the Diamond Peak Website: Take part in one of Lake Tahoe’s most unique on-mountain events this winter with Diamond Peak’s Last Tracks Wine/Beer Tasting events, held most Wednesday afternoons from February through the end of the ski season on the Snowflake Lodge Deck. Last Tracks participants have the opportunity to take advantage of a half-day lift ticket valid from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. followed by a final chair ride up to Snowflake Lodge to experience breathtaking views, wine or craft beer tastings paired with delicious appetizers. When the event is over, participants enjoy one final run down a freshly groomed trail.

The event would surely be successful if you just took the last chair up to the lodge and then you downloaded at the end.  Diamond Peak could have stopped there and hosted a winning event series but instead, they include a couple of really smart additions. 

  1. Half-Day Ticket included with registration  The events are on Wednesday, so they use the event to drive a few additional sales during an off-peak period.
  2. And my absolute favorite part of the event…While you are libating, the grooming team at Diamond peak lays down fresh cord for your downhill run as one final treat to cap off an evening of fun.  And anyone who has skied a run immediately after the groomer has passed knows how good those turns can be.  

For me, #2 is the most memorable part of the event.  When I tell people about Last Tracks (which happens often) the last run of the day is what I talk about first. Most participants (myself included) have likely seen plenty of sunsets while enjoying a beverage.  But ripping a newly groomed run under the setting sun is unforgettable.

My only gripe is that Last Tracks has become so popular that every date sells out immediately so I can’t get tickets anymore.  Maybe I should stop telling so many people about it.

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