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Diamond Peak’s incredible photo library makes for an incredible site.

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Probably, oh, I dunno, a half-dozen times over the last year the same concept has come up.

“A website design is only as good as the images you upload to it.”

I first wrote about it when Snowbird launched their new site and it was a theme behind the strength of Red River’s that I talked about last week.

But to really dig into this idea a bit more, I wanted to test it against what in my mind is one of skiing’s cleanest websites.

Diamond Peak
You may not put Diamond Peak on the list for “most likely to have a ridiculously well-designed website” but there they are. Crafted by the talented folks at KPS3, it’s beautifully made.

So I pulled it up, let the home screen load and, in about 10 seconds, realized that they not only proved my theory to be correct…

…but they did so in a really clever way.

Because refresh this site ~70 times (okay, maybe I’m the only person who does that) and you’ll realize that the lovely photo above is one of nearly a dozen they randomly display every time the website loads.

They even have a ridiculous sunset photo in the rotation as well.

One More Small/Big Thing
Before we wrap up, ask yourself this question and look back through those photos (kudos if you already know the answer without scrolling up):

“What does every photo have in common?”

Happy people? Nope. Some are landscapes.
Scenery? Getting closer, but get more specific.
Ahhh, there we go…the lake. Bingo.

Those views aren’t a perk. Those views are the brand. And because they’ve consistently invested in great photography all guided by that message, they can not just have incredible photography to match their incredible site, but have dozens of options to choose from.

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