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The less-obvious reason Snowbird’s new site looks as amazing as it does.

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Snowbird’s new site is good. Soooo good.

It’s the kind of site that pushes the boudaries of resort design. In five years we’ll look back and see that sites like this inspired much of the design that followed.

Hats off to Rally, Dirigo, Dave Amirault and team, and anyone else who had a hand in this. Bravo.

I’ll dig deeper on the site itself in the future (how could I not?), but I wanted to point out a simple thing that made this site and design work as well as it did which will hopefully serve as a timely reminder of something you should be doing this, and every, winter.

Secret Ingredient
First, watch this video walkthrough of the site from Dave.

Notice two things:

  1. How many photos there are and how prominently they’re used.
  2. The quality of each and every photo on the site.

What’s easy to forget about designs like this is that they’re enabled by great photography.

If Snowbird hadn’t been faithfully, diligently building an asset library over not just months, but YEARS, this level of visual presentation isn’t possible. Not by a long shot. After all, it’s kind hard to shoot mountain biking photos in January and get ski school images in June which, ironically, is often when you need them most.

Times like this.

Extra Credit
So, man, let’s absolutely give Rally credit for a beautiful design. That crew does some of the best work I’ve ever seen.

But let’s also tip our hat to Snowbird’s current and past marketing teams for putting in the time and effort to capture, organize, and store an incredible collection of top-quality photos that Rally could work with.

Little things like that seem like busy work, they seem less important than the pressing needs of the day, but they deserve just as much love (if not more) than many of the things we marketers do on a daily basis. With an strong, organized asset library, you open many doors of possibility with your marketing. Without one, you may find yourself painted into a tough, frustrating corner.

If you haven’t done the same, start now. You’ll thank yourself later.

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