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Ikon has gone big on video and their latest series might be the best.

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Of all the places Ikon has placed their marketing chips in recent years, video has certainly been one of them.

They’ve rolled out their version of Killington’s Classics:

The attention to brand detail in their Embrace the Ritual series was extremely impressive:

And now they’ve gone even further with their Hobbies are Fine, Winter is Better campaign.

All About Context
The difference between those other videos as this latest series is a little thing called COVID-19. You might have heard of it.

What you might also heard of is all the various hobbies and interests folks have taken up during the pandemic. Just this morning my wife pulled her sourdough starter out of the fridge that she’d gotten going in April.

What Ikon did was take those hobbies and playfully poke fun at how they compare to skiing.

The quality of these spots is incredibly high. The Baker may be my favorite, but they’re all extremely clever and playfully melt away some of the reasons folks may have for not renewing.

A Full Quiver
Again, Ikon has chosen video as one of their primary media for storytelling and they’ve done a fantastic job.

When you watch their videos you get a broad collection of humor and emotion and education and entertainment. We’ll likely see many more video from Ikon in the coming month and I, for one, am not sad about that.

Kudos to everyone involved.

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