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I am digging Dustin’s personal marketing campaign for Marble Mountain.

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Of all the marketing mantras that are easy to forget yet hold tons of power, I’d put this one right at the top:

“People don’t buy from companies. People buy from people.”

It’s the reason why Subway hires Steph Curry to do commercials and why YouTube video thumbnails are famous for having a picture of a person in them and TikTok videos of nothing more than someone’s face can get millions of views.

Because whether it’s time or money, people are more likely to spend both when the transaction is with a person, not a brand.

Marble Mountain

A few weeks ago Dustin from Marble Mountain had a message he wanted to get across. Actually, a few messages:

  • They were just about the only ones open
  • They still had all their lifts open
  • The snow was great
  • Lodged guests could ski free

So he turned on his camera, pointed at his face, and told a fun, simple, human version of all of the above.

The Result

The result was succinct, easy to follow, and, because it came from a person, more engaging than any tweet or blog post ever could be.

And, best of all, it probably didn’t take him more than a few minutes (assuming he did a couple takes) to crank it out.

Nice work, Dustin.

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