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YouTube Top 25 Update – Aug 2011

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Already video views are starting to bump up a notch or two, perhaps an indication that snow is being to fall in the minds of skiers who, until recently, have been enjoying their summers. The big question / challenge I have is this: who is going to be the first resort to 1,000,000 total video views? A few are closing in, and certainly could reach the mark by Christmas, but I have to wonder if the quiet kid in the corner is going to drop some awesome content come November and steal the show. With another month in the books, here are all the changes and details from the latest update to the Top 25 Ski Resorts on YouTube list.

All North American Ski Resorts on YouTube Ranked
Just like I did with Facebook, I’ve gathered every resort YouTube channel (or at least every one I could find) and compiled them into one, giant list. You can view the list on a national or state level and see where your resort ranks:

All the Changes to the Top 25
Whistler (+2)
Snowbird (+1)
Windham (+1)
Heavenly (-1)
Hunter Mountain (-1)
Mt Bachelor (-1)
Whitefish (-1)

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