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YouTube Top 10s Update – April 2011

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After the first installment of the Top 10 Ski Resorts on YouTube lists last month I figured I’d update again this month to check the changes, any movers and shakers, and start to pick out some trends.

The thing that stood out to me about these numbers (especially as I looked at the entire list) was a simple correlation I think we all understand: more videos means more views and more subscribers. The top resorts have more views per video, but not nearly the same ratio. Here are six simply numbers to illustrate what I mean.
Averages for the TOP 20 channels:

  • Videos: 152.8 (10x more)
  • Views: 452,146 (81x more)
  • Subscribers: 377 (23x more)
  • Views per video: 3,958 (5x more)

Averages for the BOTTOM 20 channels:

  • Videos: 15.4
  • Views: 5,561
  • Subscribers: 16
  • Views per video: 770

Here’s the other goods:


  • The only movement of rankings was in the “views per video”
  • Whiteface dropped off the list
  • Sunday river leapfrogged Breckenridge to nab the #3 position
  • Whistler Blackcomb moved up to #8
  • Snow Valley (California) moved into the #10 spot.

Nifty Numbers
Numbers for the 101 YouTube resort channels I am tracking.

  • Total video views: 13,125,673
  • Total subscribers: 12,965
  • Total videos: 6,782
  • New video views since March 16, 2011: 444,145
  • New subscribers since March 16, 2011: 465

Check out the updated Top 10 lists here.

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