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GoWhistler’s new video blends amazing footage with even better editing.

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Yesterday I talked about an awesome video that tells a great story and today I’m going to showcase another one.

This time from Whistler.

Let’s take a quick look at the video and then I’ll share one of my classic lists of three things I completely love about it.

Not bad, eh? Here’s what I’m seeing.

#1) Speed
I love how this video not only features a variety of activities and shots, but it also features a variety of speeds. These changes of pace are a thoughtful touch and highlight that not all activities are experienced in the same way. It’s not just speed ramps within a single shot, it’s prolonged segments within the video itself that span multiple shots. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a video like this throttle the speed up and down to match the subject in this way. It’s really sharp.

#2) Angles
Second, I really like how they’re using unique angles but not over-using them or forcing them. The FPV drone video is stunning, but it’s also not twisty turny when it doesn’t have to be and the edits keep you from getting lost in where the heck you are or what you’re seeing. It gives a new perspective on a lot of activities without it feel like the drone pilot is having more fun than the viewer.

#3) Quality
True to form for an Origin production, the quality is off the charts. I still can’t believe have far resort video quality has progressed in the last decade and this is a perfect example. The colors, shadows, lighting…man…amazing. A high-quality camera or great editor can help, but it takes time and effort to get the right show at the right time and make it fit beautifully in with the rest.

One Video
Like the video I shared yesterday from Snowbasin, this feels like it could fall into a category alongside evergreen for videos that are extremely versatile.

It’s like a swiss army knife.

Because not only could you reuse it for a decade, this one video alone tells so many parts of the story in a single, tidy package that there are plenty of times and situations and strategies where you don’t have to overthink things because this one video is all you’d need.

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