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Vail shows another medium perfect for a long-run branding message.

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I’ve talked quite a bit lately about the set-and-forget branding messages resorts are running as pre-roll ads on YouTube.

They are, in my opinion, some of the smartest, simplest marketing messages out there right now.

But as I’ve been digging into the new Facebook Ads tools lately and exploring what some of your are running there, I found one that showed this play is easy to adapt to other media.

When I first wrote about this a while back, I broke down the formula like this:

“Find the one message you want to reinforce all season long, use a strong visual medium like video to get it across, and let the intrawebs do it’s thing to deliver that message over and over and over again.”

And while a photo may not carry quite as much weight as a video, what Vail did follows the rest of the concept to a T.

There are some videos mixed in there, but notice the messages. How each one is simply a variation on their core message. Their core tagline.

For example:

Push and progress. Forward and further. Forge your own path in a place like nothing on earth. #NeverSettle

All-in on emotion, giving folks something to aspire to, capped off with “like nothing on earth” (their tagline).

Love This
It’s another great set-it-and-forget-it move. Even though this was turned on just a couple weeks ago, they could leave this running for years and not have to change a thing.

Evergreen content in an evergreen ad on a(nother) great medium.

Nice work, Vail.

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