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Three slick pre-roll videos from Blue, Camelback, and Telluride

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I’ve showcased these types of videos before, but with video still on the brain and more great examples coming out, I wanted to circle back. And rather than focus on all branding, I wanted to highlight to other clever examples as well.

As usual with posts that contain embedded videos, I’ll keep the words short so you can have plenty of time to watch the examples shared below.

Views: 97,000

I love the combination of storytelling (taking the viewer on a journey through an entire experience) and clever transitions to keep the viewers attention and the story moving along. Really great piece and one that Camelback have rightfully put a good chunk of budget on with nearly 97,000 views; almost all of which appear to be paid.

Views: 21,000

This is another really clever use case where Telluride used pre-roll to get folks in the Denver market aware of both their presence at the Expo as well as the reasons skiers should stop by their booth. It’s a great little combination of targeting and messaging for this medium.

Blue Mountain
Views: 25,000

Finally, Blue Mountain. This is one of my favorites simply because of the narrative. It speaks beyond the core skier and gives anyone a reason to consider winter sports. And that tagline – “Every day is a good day” – is money. This is a great branding play with a wider-than-usual net.

Good stuff by all three brands. The messages are thoughtfully laid out and the videos themselves are well-made, which makes putting some budget on them a really smart move.

If you see any others out there, let me know.

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