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Season Passes (All)
Another pass partnership pops up in the PNW and the setup is really smart.

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A few weeks ago I ran through a 30-second recap of where we stand with pass partnerships.

From the Epic – shared ownership, traditional season pass – to the Mountain Collective – no shared ownership, standalone ticket pack – we’ve seem some really clever innovation. We’ve also seen it repeated and refined to the extent that resorts are starting to really nail these products.

And, so being, other resorts without the resources or room for risk can learn from them and apply those lessons.

PNW Partners
That’s exactly what has happened in the Pacific Northwest this year between six smaller resorts:

  • 49 Degrees North
  • Bluewood
  • Lookout Pass
  • Loup Loup
  • Mission Ridge
  • White Pass

When I first saw this pass it looked like it was going to be a west coast version of the New England Freedom Pass.

But instead of offering unlimited free skiing that came with the potential for cannibalization or abuse with passholders at more expensive areas buying passes to the less expensive partners, this PNW partnership decided to apply a Powder Alliance-esque formula instead.

Namely, two free days of skiing at each partner area with the purchase of a season pass.

Unlike the Mountain Collective, however, most of these resorts don’t used tiered pass products, so these free days appear to be a perk for any pass.

Win, Win, Win
But it’s that simplicity that creates three really nice wins for everyone involved.

  1. Each resort sell more passes.
  2. Each passholder gets more value.
  3. Each partner gets more trial.

I really do love that we’re starting to see simple, repeatable patterns within these pass efforts. And not just repeatable, but effective.

Things that actually move the needle.

Really well done by these areas to learn from larger resorts, see what model would best fit theirs, and make it happen.

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