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I love one thing that’s happening in resort marketing right now.

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I’ll be quick, but I wanted to just talk through something today.

For years I’ve talked about the round-peg-square-hole situation I feel like our sport is in. On the one hand, our market is evolving extremely quickly with the younger generations getting to the age of earning and spending their own money.

On the other, we’re selling roughly the same product we did to their parents.

And their parents.

There are a hundred reasons for the reluctance to change, but if there are silver linings to COVID – and I do believe there are a few – one of them is the fact that it’s made innovation and adaptation a requirement rather than an option.

So to the new pass types?
The new pass policies?
The new lodging products?
The new creative solutions?
The new brands and names and messages?


This season is teaching us that not only can we adapt both individually and as an industry, but we’re pretty dang good at it.

And I’m here for it.

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