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Camelback counts their way into prospects’ memories.

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The universal challenge of marketers is to take something complex and distill that jumble of ideas and products and reasons and motives into a succinct, bite-sized portion of information.

SkiBig three has hundreds of trails across thousands of acres. But their morsel?
Three resorts, two towns, one ticket.

Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, and Laurel Mountain do something similar with an extra element of weekend-planning as well.
Three ski resorts, in three days, just three hours away.

Sunday River is one of the East’s largest resorts, but they’ve built a brand on a number-based summary as well.
Eight peaks. Eight distinct experiences.

Numbers, as it turns out, are a really effective method of simplification. Without a count of that thing you’re looking at, it’s hard to compare or comprehend what it is. Give it a number and instantly you have a clearer idea of the magnitude.

Which is exactly what Camelback did with this recent 30-second spot.

I really, really like this approach, but what’s most interesting here is that this distillation of all things Camelback is also used to convey something large.

A big photo? Useful, but hard to grasp.
Lots of great photos? Also useful, but still tough to grasp.
Lots of webpages? Useful as well, but even tougher to grasp.

But one, big number? Even more useful, because it’s easy to grasp. Nice work, Camelback.

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