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Boreal’s 1-2-3 Ride Free Program

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A few days after I published a short post on Loveland’s free season pass program, a comment showed up from Boreal’s Marketing Director, Jon Slaughter, who informed me that they too have a free season pass program for their ski school called 1-2-3 Ride Free.

I took the opportunity to dig a little bit deeper into how these programs are working, some of the results Boreal is seeing, and what their plans are for the future. Many thanks to Jon for taking time out of his schedule to thoroughly answer my questions.

Although the emails didn’t flow exactly like a Q&A interview, here are the details:

SlopeFillers: Tell me about how the 1-2-3 Ride Free program started. Where the idea came from and how long it’s been around.
Jon: The program began last season. All the POWDR Corp resorts decided to get proactive about the decline in skier visits due to baby-boomers falling out of the sport. New blood needed to be pumped in. Too many one-off skiers have tried the sport, but very few convert to

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