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Big Snow’s passholder t-shirts are a big win for a small price.

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The other day I talked about t-shirts and I’m gonna do the same thing today.

Because, yes, folks love their favorite mountains and have a soft spot in their hearts for a certain run (or three), but there are lots of other ties to the resort they’re proud of too.

One of the simplest but most easily overlooked? Someone’s status as a season passholder.

Skiers are proud to be passholders. They’re proud to show their commitment to both the sport and the resort they love.

So Big Snow’s had an idea idea: give their passholders the change to wear this status as a badge of honor through a passholder t-shirt for each season.

big snow  passholder shirt

This tradition, which has been going on for a few years now as best I can tell, is incredibly smart and a really powerful way to nurture the loyalty that exists in this critical group of customers.

Shirts are such a great combination of value and cost. People love them, there’s really no such thing as having too many, and buy a couple thousand at a time and you’ll be paying a few bucks each.

Tack on $5 to the price of every pass and most folks won’t even notice.

But give them a free shirt that shows how much you appreciate them and let’s them showcase something they’re proud of? That’s not something they’ll soon forget.

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