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Are wide view videos the best use of drones? Sunday River and Bryce Resort might agree.

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So far this season I’ve seen thousands of photos and videos from resorts.

Among those, only a small handful have really stood out as unique, compelling, and a story that inspires me to act.

Within that handful, half have the exact same angle.

The Wide Shot…v2

I love the wide shot. Zooming out a bit, showing the resort as a whole, timing it for great lighting, and sharing far and wide is a strategy I can get behind.

Like this recent example from Sunday River.

This is such a fantastic photo on a handful of levels. What if, however, that was a video instead of a photo? Well, it’d look something like this.

Sunday River has been sharing quite a few of these types of photos lately and the results are beautiful. This video version, however, takes it to another level.

Bryce Resort

And while beauty is one thing, providing a meaningful update on conditions is the layer Bryce Resort added to the mix with their recent video that showcases a wide view video during a round of snowmaking.

Drone shots like these aren’t possible at all resorts, but I think this is such fantastic content that, at least for me, is catching my attention better than just about anything.

Even more, they’re telling a story that is as inspiring as any I’ve seen.

Great work Bryce and Sunday River.

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