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Angel Fire Follows Sierra’s Marketing Lead with Special Pass for Young Parents

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As far as I can tell, Sierra have been the sole owners of The Parent’s Predicament pass concept.

One pass that can be interchanged all day long between a couple so they can take turns watching their offspring and making turns.

It’s simple, brilliant, and now available at Angel Fire New Mexico.

The Debut
The pass comes on the heels of an increased focus on family by the resort. Here’s how their sales copy promotes the product:

NEW! The Parenting Pass
Perfect for the family that either has a little one too young to ski, or has children that have already developed their snow skills, this interchangeable $66 pass allows two parents to take turns on the mountain in the same day. Some restrictions apply, visit the Ticket Office at the base of the mountain to purchase.”

I’m not quite sure what the restrictions are, but the concept is there: two parents, one pass, totally interchangeable.

That covers the years will newborns and toddler, but they’re going one step further with another pass.

Daycare with a Twist
Recognizing that kids can start skiing at a pretty young age, Angel Fire has also introduced the ThreeSki idea. Again, here’s the sales copy that tells the story:

ThreeSki Program
For the tiniest of tots just learning how to ski, this unique program combines indoor childcare, lunch and snacks and outdoor snowplay at our onsite SnowBear Camp, along with a short private ski lesson (includes lift ticket and rentals) all for just $159.”

Not just daycare, not just lunch, not just some outside time, but also a short lesson.

I really believe that word “short” is an important piece.

Yes, that gold medal winner they interviewed said he started skiing at 24 months, but for most kids (and parents) think the idea of an all-day lesson is daunting for that age. I like the balance of daycare, playing outside, but just a little taste of skiing on the side.

Mo Plee
I love stuff like this. Partly because it speaks to me and the stage of life that I’m in, partly because it just makes sense and bridges a gap that has to be bridged.

I’m not sure why there aren’t more “Parents’ Predicament”-like passes out there, but I’m happy to see Angel Fire take a page from Sierra’s book and at least give it a try.

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