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A closer look at Deer Valley’s smooth 60-30-15 summer spots.

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A few weeks ago I talked about some winter, set-it-and-forget it branding campaigns resorts were running as pre-roll ads on YouTube. My takeaway at the time was simply:

“Find the one message you want to reinforce all season long, use a strong visual medium like video to get it across, and let the intrawebs do it’s thing to deliver that message over and over and over again.”

Turns out, summer is also a season. And Deer Valley’s summer spots built on the same concept are really, really sharp.

With a nice combination of voiceover, b-roll, and just a dash of CTA, Deer Valley has three spots.

Let’s start with the 60-second variety that gets through the voiceover early and lets a strong series of visuals and music create a nice little emotional angle. I really do love the shorter voiceover, by the way. Give me the message, then just let me enjoy the rest. It’s a great approach.

From there, the 30-second version is pretty straighforward: the same voiceover, the same shots just rearranged to highlight all the key visuals in this shorter span, and the same choice of music.

Finally, the 15-second version just takes that “same content, half as long” approach one more step. With shorter pauses between the words and slightly faster editing between some of the shots, they fit roughly the same message into a smaller package.

And for that reason, I’m not surprised this is the one they’re pushing (16,000 views thus far and counting).

That’s not to say the 30- and 60-second variations don’t have a place, but if limited attention spans are a thing (they are) I like the approach of not taking any longer than is necessary to get the message across to the viewer.

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