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Zoom is still a thing, but resorts haven’t kept pushing their campaigns.

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In the early days of the pandemic, a handful of clever resorts jumped on the fact that everyone was having Zoom calls with nothing but their dirty laundry or empty walls behind them.

As a result, they offered free Zoom background downloads.

In the month of April alone, more than two dozen resorts ran a simple message long these lines. And why not? In most cases it was simply a matter of taking a few already-taken photos, putting them in a blog post, and sharing it with the world.

At the least, you share some great photos. At the best, a bunch of folks are seeing those photos over and over again during work.

But even though Zoom usage has continued to melt the world’s internet bandwidth, resorts – and other brands – have stopped sharing these. In fact, the last one I noticed (there may have been others) was shared NINE MONTHS AGO.

If I were you, I’d share them again.

Heck, at the time you shared those a lot of folks didn’t even know they could change their background. But now they’re pros. Now they’re ready. And now, in my opinion, is an even better time to offer these backgrounds to your audience.

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