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Your resort team’s old stories are new…to everyone else.

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The other day I saw this video and loved it. But there was something really interesting with that opening story.

Here I am laughing at this story of a cooked steak being randomly left across one of the rails in the park, but right around the 0:12 mark the other guy realizes what story he’s telling start smiling.

Stories like this are awesome. They’re such a fun way to pull back the curtain and see a fun, human side of the resort. But to these two guys these stories are old news.

Just like the magic of snowmaking is lost after seeing the guns running day after day for tens of winters, stories like this can seem unremarkable to you if you’re part of the circle who indulges with yet another telling at the bar every month.

But to everyone else? They’re new and amazing.

If you’re looking for great stories, chances are your teams have dozens of tales like these that are rehearsed, hilarious, and ready to be told. All you have to do is get them talking.

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