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Waterville blends building tomorrow’s hype with selling today’s tickets.

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So, you’re Waterville Valley. The season is almost over. Within a few days the lifts will stop turning and it’s gonna get really hard to get folks attention about anything snow-related. You could toss in the towel, but there are two “marketing to do’s” on your list.

First, you still need to sell some tickets.

Second, you’ve got a new 6-pack coming that you wanna hype.

Taking a page from Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch playbook, Waterville decided that these were not two separate things, but one marketing campaign.

Simple, Smart

Remember, Waterville is replacing a quad with a six-pack and that progression of going from 4 seats to 6 seats is exactly what they built on with both the price:

  • $46

And the name:

  • The 4-6 Lift Ticket Special

4-6 special graphic
I dig it.

Love This

It’s nothing groundbreaking it’s just a super simple, super clever way to combine two priorities into one campaign.

We’re all faced with that, right? Our marketing calendars, bandwidths, and budgets are all constrained but there’s always more to do. Waterville saw a simple way to navigate their way through this ongoing challenge during the last few days of their season.

Great work, Waterville team.

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