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Want engaging content? Take a photo of NEOWISE.

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I’ve lost automated access to most public social content over the years, so this post won’t have the usual automated setup of “top posts from ___” lists of years past, but I did want to share a trend.

That trend is NEOWISE.

A comet that’s awesome, but tough to see with the naked eye. A comet that’s better viewed at a ski resort in the mountains than from your backyard or balcony in town. A comet that, with access to a really slow shutter speed, quickly goes from a blip in the sky to a beautiful photo.

Take (and Share) a Photo
So it’s little wonder why resorts – with their dark skies and photographers – are getting some really solid engagement when they share photos of the comet. Photos like these.

Notice the engagement rates on those? Pretty dang solid for Twitter these days, or any days.

Get out there, it’s not too late.

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