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If skiing can’t compete with video games, how should we position our sport?

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Yesterday I shared a data point from one of my favorite YouTube channels for getting in a zone.

While I love deep dives into data, I also am guilty of getting lost when there’s too much data for my brain to connect the dots between on the fly. So I also love simple data.

Data like this.

lofi spare time survey

The question I left you with yesterday was this:

“…video games – ONE activity – outnumbers sports/exercise – something that cover HUNDREDS of activities – about 6-to-1…”

So how do we compete with video games? How do we compete with movies and TV?

We don’t.

We’re the Solution

I believe we really need to start pushing, studying, and embracing the mental health benefits of our sport. We need as many, if not more, quotes/influencers taking about how good it is for their brains as the fun aspects of skiing.

We need data about lots of things, but I think we need rigorous, peer-reviewed data about the mental health benefits of skiing we can start to get out into the market.

Younger markets, in particular.

In other words, after all those videos games and Netflix-binges don’t help you overcome the stresses of mental health challenges of life? Skiing is there.

In other words, instead of skiing being a competitor to video games, skiing could the solution.

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