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Three Reasons I Love Vail Resort’s New “Epic Wishes” Facebook Campaign

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Have you ever daydreamed? Same here. Too much, probably. Perhaps that’s one of the reason i’m a fan of the new “Epic Wishes” campaign that Vail Resorts just rolled out.

Powered by Wildfire apps, the promotion asks you to share your wish with the possibility that it might come true. There are things I’m digging here:

1) Prime the Pump
While the promotion is open ended – the prize could be anything – they’ve set the bar for expectations by priming the pump with a few realistic, but awesome, ideas like a grooming ride or first tracks with patrol.

Without that tiny bit of framing, I think the results would be absurdly unrealistic.

2) Encourage Dreaming
I think dreaming is great and a powerful marketing tool. One of my lifetime dreams is to build a cabin. While the dream is still a couple decades away, I own three books about “how to build a cabin” and a set of Lincoln logs that fuel the vision.

Getting people to dream about adventures on your mountain, in my book, is a very good thing.

3) Product Ideas for Life
This, by far, is my favorite part of the whole shindig. When you frame the expectations and allow people to think outside the box of your current “pay this, get that” products, you’re bound to come up with a long list of ideas for services you can offer guests.

If you even need an idea for a new product, your solution would be just a few mouse clicks away as you mine these responses. for common themes or topics.

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