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Two More Cleanliness-Related Brands and Both are Worth a Closer Look

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Two weeks ago I wrote about how resorts were using names, brands, and seals to bottle up complex messages into easy-to-consume packages.

Since then, I’ve seen two more (I’m sure there are more, forgive me if I’ve missed yours), and I wanted to quickly share both of these to round out the week.

Revelstoke – PureClean
First up is Revelstoke’s PureClean seal. I love the use of the maple leaf, but I also love the name. We all expect clean even with COVID isn’t around, and this takes it up a notch.

This name and mark does a great job of distilling the longer version, but I actually really like the longer version too. It’s well organized, easy to follow, and detailed but concise.

Grand Geneva – CleanCare Pledge
I also like the wording on this one. Words like pledge and promise feel a bit more human and personal, as does “care”. While there is no logo for this one, I think the name alone is a nice one to have in their toolbelt.

One thing I really like about their overview is not just the outline of what they are doing, but the overview of what guests can expect during their stay so there are fewer surprises or awkward moments or unintentionally broken rules.

Great stuff from both teams. The names are good, there’s substance behind the name, and they’ve been extremely thoughtful not only with that high level name but the nitty gritty details.

Nice work.

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