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Over 18% of Resort Tweets are FB Auto Posts (and Other Resort Twitter Usage Stats)

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Unlike other networks, Twitter is wide open. Nearly every insight is public, making it a great way to track how resorts us and are returned on the time they put into it. Let’s take a look at a few stats from a sample of 10,150 resort tweets during the last few weeks.

Source (Top 25)
____% of resort tweets are sent from ____
24.0% HootSuite
22.9% web
18.4% Facebook
11.9% Twitter for iPhone
5.4% TweetDeck
4.5% Instagram
2.1% Twitter for BlackBerry®
0.8% Tweet Button
0.8% Tweetbot for iOS
0.8% TwInbox
0.8% Twitter for Mac
0.8% Twitter for Android
0.8% Tweetbot for Mac
0.6% Meltwater Buzz
0.4% Social Marketing Hub
0.4% Sprout Social
0.4% Echofon
0.3% Twitter for iPad
0.3% UberSocial for BlackBerry
0.2% Twitter Ads
0.2% Google
0.2% Constant Contact
0.2% Instagram on iOS
0.2% iOS
0.2% HubSpot

Post Types/Content
19.9% are retweets
17.7% are replies
49.0% contain links
0.8% of those links were to the morning snow report
6.0% of all FB auto-tweets included some reference to “liking” the post

Day of Week

Avg Tweets / Resort: 1.7
Avg RTs / Tweet: 2.8

Avg Tweets / Resort: 1.6
Avg RTs / Tweet: 2.3

Avg Tweets / Resort: 1.6
Avg RTs / Tweet: 2.5

Avg Tweets / Resort: 2.0
Avg RTs / Tweet: 3.0

Avg Tweets / Resort: 1.9
Avg RTs / Tweet: 2.5

Avg Tweets / Resort: 1.7
Avg RTs / Tweet: 2.8

Avg Tweets / Resort: 1.4
Avg RTs / Tweet: 3.4

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