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The Best 7 (Yes, 7) Resort and Non-Resort Stories I’ve Ever Seen

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“This post is part of a new chapter for SlopeFillers that breaks the old anything-and-everything topic lineup and organizes weekly posts into themes. This week is content marketing.”

In a past life, I would have just shared one example in the body of a post about content marketing and called it cool. Now, with these weekly topics, I have the time and excuse to dig deeper and share a longer list of favorites.

We’ve talked a lot about stories this week. About content that motivates and inspires. On that note, here are some of my favorites (videos at least) made by resorts and non-resorts alike. Hopefully they’ll spark some ideas as you brainstorm ways to up the ante on your content marketing campaigns.


#1) Skier’s Journey Dubai
Notice in this short film how Jordan Manley and crew take a resort with virtually nothing to brag about in terms of terrain and use the stories of the skiers to tell the story of the mountain.

#2) Whistler/Blackcomb Embedded
Starring none other than Mike Douglass, I’ve blogged about this campaign a few times, but the story still impresses me. Notice, the resort didn’t say a word about themselves, they simple found an evangelist to do it for them…and do it well.

#3) True Blue – Seth Wescott
Simple story, letting someone who loves the resort talk about why they love it. Well made. Awesome stuff.

#4) Whistler/Blackcomb XXS
When the tilt-shift style videos came strolling onto the viral video scene, a few resort’s tried their hands at making of their own. This was the first and, in my opinion, the best.

#5) Relive New Moments – Jay Peak
Just came out and fully deserving of being on the list. Amazingly well written and executed story of childhood and dreams. Notice how little it talks about Jay. That’s a good thing.

#6) Ski Resort Marketing 101
Honesty, creativity, and Mike Thomas’ golden touch. I still love watching this video.

#7) First Morning
Just watch. You won’t regret it.


#1) High Line Slack Line
Created by Good Line, I can’t stop watching this film. The story, the angles, the footage (seemingly all shot during magic hour) combines to tell a beautiful story about a simple sport.

#2) Paper Shredder
Stop motion and creativity made the 2-minutes watching Paul and Stephen Gemignani’s creation some of the best time I’ve spent this winter.

#3) Lego Freeskiing: Deep Pow
I feel like saying anything about this film would be a disservice. Huge props are deserved to the Oxburger Studios crew for combining legos and skiing in such a beautifully executed package.

#4) MacAskil’s Imaginate
It just came out but already shot to the top of my charts. The story, the creativity, Danny’s humility and insane talent all combine to make one of the best “action sports” movies of the year.

#5) Redbull Winch – Cranberry Bog
A winch, wakeboarders, and a cranberry bog…what do they use they come up with this stuff? If you find out, let me know. I want some.

#6) JP Auclain Street Segment – All I Can
JP turned teenager daydreams into reality. For those of us that have had snow on the brain 24/7/365, it’s fun to see the lines we can’t help but see actually being skied…well, ripped.

#7) Warren Miller Movies
I don’t think I can make a list like this without including Warren’s work. Since he stopped being involved with the films that bear his name, I’ve lapsed as a fan, but his films weren’t ski porn, the weren’t about the tricks, they weren’t about the gear…they were about the stories. They were about people and places we’d aspire to go. Among my favorites was this clip.

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