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What the ski industry could learn from The Masters…food.

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A few years ago, a random sequence of events turned a bucket list item that I thought was impossible into awesome reality. In 2018, I got to attend The Masters.

I’ve talked about some of the lessons and insights from this experience before, but I want to talk about one aspect that still fascinates me. Because, yes, my ticket was crazy expensive. Yes, the parking at stores in town was expensive. But do you know was dirt cheap once you were inside Augusta National?

The food.

Efficient, Tasty, and Cheap

All across the course was a network of massive, barn-like structures. When the doors were opened, inside you’d find one of the most efficient food service operations I’d ever seen.

Despite long lines, you’d never have to wait more than 10-15 minutes to be an and out with sandwiches, drinks, cookies, and more. And the prices? Nice round numbers that were lower than you’d find the 7-Eleven on the way to the course.

photo of masters food prices

And all of it was really, really good.

Pretty interesting, no?

The Result

The result was that hunger never got in the way of my experience. Ever. If I needed a snack, a cheap, easy filler was nearby. When we stopped for lunch, there was no reason to skimp and be starving an hour later.

In other words, I’d paid a lot of money for an incredible experience. An all-day-outside experience. The kind of experience that you need to stay fueled and hydrated for (sound familiar). But rather than gouge folks with the ancillary stuff in a way that would put the main event experience at risk, they did the opposite.

Food…for thought.

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