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Super Ski Brand Quiz: Can You Identify These 40 Resort Logos?

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Logos have always fascinated me. Some are so easy to recall I could draw a near perfect version on command. Others I couldn’t describe if my season pass depended on it. Many more fall somewhere in-between: not easily recalled but you have a pretty good (at at least vague) idea of what resort that mark matches.

So, today, as a bit of a challenge / lesson into which are most easily recalled, here are 40 logos for 40 resorts. To start, see if you can name them in a simple, grayscale format. If that’s too hard, switch to the color version. Finally, if you’ve got them all or are stumped, check out the answer key.

After you finish, share how many you got and which ones you missed (along with any brilliant commentary) in the comments section at the bottom. Good luck!

Good luck!

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