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The Almighty Snow Phone, Survey Results (Post 2 of 2)

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our survey about your Snow Phone usage.  The data has been tabulated and undergone rigorous statistical analysis, and here are the results.  We received 26 submissions, so don’t take these numbers to the bank as a statistically valid sample, but we did see a wide breadth of submissions from the East & West Coast, both large resorts and small ski areas.  We even went international; thanks Canada.

Now, this didn’t give me the silver bullet I was looking for in my thinly veiled quest to retire the snow phone at Sugar Bowl.  So, I will keep watching the call data and let the guests determine the direction of the morning analog update.  As one respondent mentioned, “since we have a Snow Reporter on the clock in the morning doing digital updates, it doesn’t really require any extra resources, so we still do it for the die-hards!

The survey’s final question provided some of the best nuggets for those weighing if the Snow Phone should be discontinued: If you have adjusted how to use the Snow Phone, can you provide some insights into what you have done?

Appeal to the simplicity and nostalgia. Thank god it’s not social media!

Coupled with the radio snow report recording, so we only have to write out one script and people hear the same thing wherever they get the recording.

Discontinued a few seasons ago. Did not feel it was being used to be worth the hassle of ensuring it was up to date. Relying on website and social which can be updated quickly and fixed, if needed, has proven to work just fine. Haven’t seen any guest feedback saying they miss it.

I hope fewer resorts open the SP message with “hellloooo skiers and riders!” It’s just so played.

It’s just another tool in the toolbox – Some folks exclusively refuse to utilize digital means (apps, emails or website.) I like hearing the personality, especially when it’s rough around the edges, gives some character.

Our process is really the same as it’s always been – the snow reporters update the web site and App, publish an email, record the daily radio spot, and record the snow phone message every day. Hope this helps.

Static recording directing guests to our website and app for up to date information

We used to have three lines – Conditions, Lift Ticket prices, and Events. We have eliminated the Lift Ticket Prices and the Events line and now only update the Conditions line.

We used to update the snow phone several times a day, now it’s updated only during the morning snow report (we make updates to our website Snow Report if conditions change/more snow accumulates during the day).


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