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Ten simple but “famous” things that resorts do, sell, or have.

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This may seem like a silly premise for a list, but let me set the stage a little here.

The other day I was brainstorming post ideas and I started to remember a couple things that I’d seen resorts call “famous”. The one that I remembered first was also the one that got the wheels turning: Deer Valley’s “Famous” Chili. What’s even more interesting, was that as I dug in, they weren’t the only ones calling it that.

Calling something “famous” doesn’t make it so, but calling something that’s super popular “famous” can be a nice little tool to help take something from a could do, to a must do. A bucket list item instead of just an item.

Ten Things
Deer Valley has been amazingly consistent with this. Even on Twitter I could find references back to 2008.

So, I started to dig around to see what other stuff resort were calling famous. It was hard to gauge how consistent each had been, but here’s what I found.

Big White – Toques
It’s a classic design that’s been around for a long time. I think labeling this as famous is a nice move on this one.

Snow Valley – Cheeseburger
Calling a random burger famous might be a stretch, but calling your namesake burger – The Valley Burger – famous? Namesake menu items are already popular, so, again, I think it works well.

Also, bonus points of consistency which certainly appears to be a reason for Deer Valley’s success.

Lookout Pass – Free Ski School
Sometimes all it takes is being super different and loved for a very specific reason. And free ski school? That’s a perfect example. Famous works for this on in my book.

Lake Louise – Views
Every resort touts incredible views, but I’ve only known a few people who have visited Lake Louise for the first time while I’ve known them and the views were something each of them talked about. If your views are famous with your guests from all over the world, why not call them world famous?

Alta – Alf’s High Rustler
I really like what Alta did here. Alta has long since established Alf’s as a famous run, but they then used this notoriety to prop up another incredible run. Once you’ve got something famous in your toolbelt, this is a nice way to use it.

Mount Washington – Cinnamon Buns
Mount Washington has another food item that they call famous and I love this addition to the list for a simple reason: it’s tradition-able (totally a word). Meaning, it’s small enough and simple enough that it could become part of the traidtion of making a trip to the mountain. Burgers, chili, a cinnamon bun all could be part of that experience folks look forward to.

Jackson Hole – Logo
When you’ve got a brand like Jackson Hole that’s got more brand awareness than just about any brand in our sport? Yeah, you can call it famous all day long.

Smugglers’ Notch – Disc Golf
As I mentioned last week, Smuggs’ has taken their disc golf seriously to be incredibly well-known for their courses through the top-tier tournaments they hold and apps like Udisc. So calling their courses “world famous” is not only accurate, it’s almost an understatement.

Pats Peak – M&M Cookie
Something doesn’t have to be known all over the globe to be famous, even just something well known to locals and the folks in your community is plenty. Pats Peak has a locally famous cookie and they said so.

Seven Springs – Fries & Funnel Cake
Finally, if you really want something to be famous but it isn’t there yet? Or you expect it to be? Prime that pump a little bit and tell folks that, yes, it’s new, but it’s so good it’ll be famous before you know it. Nice little play with these.

Can you call everything famous? No.

But propping up those 1 or 2 or 3 things that draw people to your resort with a word like “famous”. It’s often something that happens organically, but when it does?

Don’t be afraid to run with it.

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