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Telling the rest of the story with Eldora’s 6-second “approach” video.

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There’s a moment in every travel experience where your final destination comes into view.

Whether it’s a hotel or a lake or a trailhead or the ocean or, yes, the trails of your resort, you come around one more best or over one more hill and…finally…there it is.

It’s a magical moment. One of the simple moments that make travel special.

The Story
Resort marketers are really, really good at telling the story in/around their mountain.

But that’s just one chapter of every guest’s travel experience. There are all these little micro moments along the way that are just as much a part of their trip as the runs they take on your mountain:

  • Packing your bags
  • Boarding the plane or pulling away from the driveway
  • Waking up realizing today is the day
  • Crossing state lines
  • Seeing your sign

I love it when resorts step away from the resort a bit and tell the rest of this story.

Like Eldora recently did.

I love how it highlights the “approach” to Eldora. The moments between seeing the mountain for the first time and actually pulling into a parking spot.

This, as I mentioned at the beginning, is certainly one of those moments and I love the simple, “let the visual speak for itself” style behind this 6-second clip. It’s beautiful, well-shot, and a perfect way to get a bunch of humans to remember that moment and feeling.

Really good stuff.

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