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Thanks, Sundown, for a great product name that made me smile.

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This will be my last post before I take a little break from posts during the Christmas and New Years holidays, but I wanted to share a simple, fun bit of marketing that I came across a few weeks back.

It comes from the Sundown Mountain in Dubuque, IA. And it’s just a fun reminder that product names can be just that…fun.

According to their website, the deal includes:

  • Three, weekday lift tickets
  • Three, equipment rentals
  • One lesson on your first visit
  • Enjoy Free WIFI on the mezzanine in the Mountain Center for homework in between runs.

I love that they included free wi-fi on their perks list, because it hints at who this is designed for: students who aren’t in school (for any of the COVID reasons out there).

Student Deal?
So what do you call a pass that’s designed for kids who are sorta in school and still need to get homework done in/around their runs?

The header image gives it away, but they called it the:

ABC See You On the Slopes

A great product built around COVID dynamics, a nice bit of copy, and a fun name. A great way to wrap up a year of SlopeFillers posts.

C you in January.

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