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A Closer Look at Sun Valley, Squaw, and Mount Snow’s Freeskier Print Ads

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This week we’re looking at print ads. Specicially, resort ads that appeared in the recent “Resort Guide” issue of Freeskier magazine. Judges were given an overview of Freeskier’s audience before ranking eleven ads on three criteria that had been determined by a survey of resort marketers. Today are the ads from pages 34-66 of the issue.

Agree/disagree with the rankings? Use the comments to sound off on why.

Sun Valley
Concise: 5.8 (rank – #10/11)
Relevant: 4.8 (rank – #11/11)
Call to Action: 6.6 (rank – #2/11)
Overall Average: 5.8 (rank – #11/11)

Squaw/Alpine Meadows
Concise: 8.1 (rank – #2/11)
Relevant: 7.8 (rank – #6/11)
Call to Action: 7.9 (rank – #1/11)
Overall Average: 7.9 (rank – #1/11)

Mount Snow
Concise: 6.6 (rank – #8/11)
Relevant: 8.2 (rank – #5/11)
Call to Action: 3.2 (rank – #11/11)
Overall Average: 6.0 (rank – #10/11)

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