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A thoughtful video around Snowbird Energy Systems 2.0.

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Yesterday I talked about the new Squaw Valley name and brand – Palisades Tahoe – that started the resort marketing week off with a bang.

The agency behind that rebrand? Struck.

I was first introduced to them more than 12 years ago when they were helping the state of Utah with some branding work during an internship I snagged doing marketing for the governor’s office. A dozen years later, they’re only doing better and better and better work.


Need more proof? How about this video for Snowbird.

Snowbird, as a brand, is amazing. It’s one of the most iconic resorts on so many levels – the wings, the tram, the architecture, the snow – but they’ve also got some pretty cool green-themed projects behind the scenes.

When of those projects got an upgrade, Snowbird tapped Struck to help them tell that story.

I’d like to point out a couple things in this video. That I thought were interesting.

First, was the lack of voiceover. Often in this case you find videos with a deep, dramatic, male voice reading a carefully-written script. But with video shared on social, you often lose the audio track unless folks expand or unmute, so you end up captioning anyway. They took a visual-only approach with this video and I dig it.

Second, was the visual quality especially from before they started the project. Did you notice that? They started out with amazing, high-quality shots of the current operation, but they then backed up and showed equally high-quality shots of the v1.0 generators. In other words, the team at Snowbird has the foresight to start planning the content while there was still time to capture the full story – beginning to end – in the format they wanted.


We know that skiers skew toward the kind of humans that care about stuff like this. The stuff that makes small, but meaningful impacts on the health of the planet. So when it comes to telling stories, I love the extra effort on this one.

Great job Snowbird

Great job Struck.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate that Snowbird Power Systems logo created from repeating the main Snowbird logo?

snow bird power systems logo

Awesome stuff.

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