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A tip of the hat for Snowbird’s interlodge-themed At Last video.

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If you’ve never heard of interlodge, you probably aren’t alone. If you have, you probably realize that there are two sides to this coin.

When absurd amounts of snow come down and avalanche danger goes up, the location of Alta and Snowbird’s town/village put their residents and guests in harms way. So, yes, interlodge means you may not be able to leave your condo or the village for a day or two (or three) and the resort is closed. But interlodge also means that you may get once-in-a-lifetime skiing conditions if it’s lifted and the resorts re-open before the road up Little Cottonwood Canyon is clear and safe for non-interlodgers to come up.

At Last
As you can imagine, for those unlucky (to be stuck indoors) / lucky (to get first dibs on the goods when things reopen) few words like “At Last” would likely be the best way to describe their feelings when they finally get to queue up in a lift line.

And that’s example what Snowbird called their video about this very thing.

I was expecting a bit more build up and storytelling around interlodge before we got to the skiing, but even without the footage is beautiful. Combined with a mellow soundtrack and turn after turn through ridiculous amounts of pow?

Yeah, it’s good stuff.

Looking Back
One aspect of this, though, that I like most of all is how Snowbird didn’t just let their real-time content tell the story.

Through all of this they were sharing footage and updates and photos and videos, but I love how they bundled all of that up into a single piece of content that connects it all together instead of assuming their real-time content covered the bases.

Like a season recap video ties together an entire season, this ties together a smaller but amazing stretch within that season.

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