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Snowbasin gave their pond skimmers a glossy memory…to share.

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To wrap up the week I just want to connect two dots.

Now, one of the trends in human behavior I’ve watched really closely over the years is this idea that taking photos is not just something people do during fun activities, they are becoming an increasingly large reason why people do fun things in the first place.

In other words, more people are doing specific things solely (or at least partly) because of the cool picture they can take (and share) when they do.

Pond Skims

The other day Mike Rogge asked a question of his followers about whether or not they had tried pond skimming. The catch, they had to reply with a photo.

The result was dozens and dozens of photos from people proudly showing off their attempts, successful or otherwise.

This is one of those things that, yeah, has some bragging rights attached to it…but if you’ve got photo proof? And if that photo is a glossy action shot of you doing something awesome with hundreds of people watching you?

Man, that just a cherry on top. Especially in the age of social media.


As usual, many resorts had an end-of-season pond skim. Snowbasin was once again on that list.

Like other resorts, however, Snowbasin had a photographer on hand. But unlike other resorts, Snowbasin shared all of these actions shots from all of their competitors is a place that anyone could access, view, download, and…yes…SHARE.

This, my friends, is brilliant for all the reasons above and more.

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